Just a little about myself. I was born back in Chicago in 1991, but I have lived in Toledo since 1998. While growing up I was active in football and wrestling. Playing football taught me how to work as a team and to trust and rely on the others working beside me. While in wrestling I was taught how to be mentally strong and how to manage the stress without breaking. On the days that I wasn't at school or participating in sports I was out helping my dad run the family business. G-Force property maintenance is owned by founder and father John Guercio, brother Kenneth Guercio and myself. While working along side or my father he taught me about business, how to be polite, respectful, hard working, determined, and how to go above and beyond to accomplish the task at hand the right way the first time the task is being performed. With these skills I am positive I will be able to assist you in your buying and selling needs. I am very proud and excited to be working with The Danberry Co, while also being excited in meeting you and assisting your needs. Thank you and enjoy your day.