Hi and welcome to Danberry Realtors. My name is Nathan Granata and I am very excited to help you with your real estate needs. Buying or selling property can be very stressful, therefore I strive to alleviate some of that for you. While I strongly and fully agree with working together as a team, I also strongly advocate for stress free transactions in a stress free environment for my clients.

One of my lifelong passions has always been real estate. There has always been something surreal about the structural and unique components of handmade buildings, which has helped me pay close attention to detail. I am a very driven and motivated person. I have always taken pride in being a friendly and outgoing person who is receptive to new ideas. I believe in working together as a team to achieve common goals. With that being said I am strongly committed in helping you achieve the success of buying or selling property. My dedication and my commitment to excellence will help provide a service in achieving mutual goals in a stress free environment.