Serving your Real Estate Needs for 40+ Years in 4 counties: Lucas, Wood, Ottawa, & Sandusky 

I specialize in Toledo and surrounding communities such as:

  • Oregon ... Northwood ...Walbridge ... Curtice
  • Genoa ... Woodville ... Elmore...Williston
  • Rossford ... Perrysburg ... Maumee
  • Sylvania.....Toledo

My special interests include:

  • Avid Tai Chi enthusiast for the last 15 years
  • Health and nutrition devotee, actively pursuing a better lifestyle
  • Family: Wife of Joseph (Russ) Sliwinski, mother of Mary Sliwinski and Kathryn Sliwinski,  grandmother of Lily, age 13,  & Oliver, age 3
  • Member of Eiphany of the Lord Parish, (formerly St. Thomas)  where I sing with the Resurrection choir,  help with food for funeral luncheons, and distribute food & gift  baskets to those in need in our community.  

We have dealt with Norma twice; as first-time buyers, and first-time sellers. In any case, there is nobody we'd rather deal with than Norma. In both transactions, Norma's guidance helped us make decisions that saved us thousands of dollars--decisions we never would have had the expertise to make on our own. We found her to be very calm and candid throughout the process, and also very engaged. Whether buying or selling, she'll keep you posted up to the minute on all developments, answer all questions you have, and offer sound advice on what your options are in each situation, and what the BEST option happens to be. You'll never doubt that you have a competent advocate on your side. In cases where we weren't sure what to do, we were never afraid to simply follow her advice. We trusted her judgment, and we never regretted it. Norma will be honest with you (even if the truth hurts, which in real estate, it sometimes does), she'll work hard for you, and she will not make you promises she can't keep. We were fully pleased with Norma's service, and you will be, too.


—Noah Cope August 9, 2016


Norma Sliwinski recently helped us find the perfect house for our daughter and son-in-law. We started looking in late summer and early fall of 2015.  She found us several houses in appropriate locations within our price range. They were able to move into the chosen house in early December and are very happy with everything about it.

Norma is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the entire buying process. She helped us make a good deal financially with the sellers and introduced us to the proper people to obtain financing, title search information, inspection, and insurance. Everything was handled very professionally. We give her five stars out of five.


—Elizabeth Lofgren August 26, 2016


We listed my mother-in-laws house for sale with Norma. She came thru with flying colors. We had an offer in 12 days. With her help, we came to an agreement on a final price quickly. Also, we closed within 30 days. She was there with us throughout the entire process. She came through with flying colors.


—John O January 28, 2017