Suzy has lived in the Toledo area for all of her adult life and is a graduate of the University of Toledo.  She is invested in this community and committed to the growth of Northwest Ohio.  Having had her own personal experiences in the real estate market, Suzy understands the issues it can present and is eager to help you through the process. 

Suzy's professional experience is rooted in the field of law, where she has worked for more than 26 years.   It's because of this experience, Suzy brings to the table a keen sense of detail, ability to promptly and effectively communicate, as well as the ability to clearly interpret her clients' needs so that they get the best possible outcome.  

If you want someone to work for you on your terms, there's no need to look any further.  Suzy is always prompt, hardworking, efficient and very detail oriented.  Let Suzy help you with all of your real estate needs!