The Danberry Company has welcomed me with open arms. It’s almost like having another family. The support and training I continue to receive is truly awesome. 
Previous to joining The Danberry Company, I worked at Giant Eagle, managing the Eagle’s Nest, which was a learning and activity center for children. I gave educational tours to school children, scout groups and various other groups in the community.  Teaching First Aid/CPR classes to my staff, as well as to the management in the Toledo area were also my responsibility. I helped at community events for both locations, and got to know and grew fond of many families. I truly loved my job! I was sad  when the company decided to close their Toledo locations, but I had to believe that there must be even better opportunities waiting.
Real estate has interested me for a long time and I have held a Michigan real estate license for 20 years. Recently, I obtained my Ohio License as well. I believe that the desire to help families is still in my heart. What better way, than to help them find the house of their choice at a price that works for them? I am confident that being with such a successful and experienced brokerage I will be able to help many others. I would relish the opportunity to work with your family to help make your dreams come true.