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How will you be ringing in the new year? Have Fun and Stay Safe!

2013 should prove to be an exiting year, are you ready for what may lie ahead? Don’t forget what’s really important; keeping you and your family healthy and safe. We have a way to give you a jump start on the New Year! Danberry’s Attack 2013 check list to keep you AND your house in check throughout the new year!

1. Water Heater Safety: Your water heater should be set for a maximum 120° to prevent burns (especially if you have children). Always keep flammable or combustible materials (including household chemicals and aerosol cans) away from your hot water heater.

2. Visible House Number: In case of emergency, your house number should be clearly visible from the street. Consider using reflective numbers or installing a light over the area, so your home can be identified even in the dark.

3. Spare Combination: Do not store your spare key under a rock or on the doorframe – thieves know all about these hiding spots. Either give your key to a trusted neighbor or install a small combination safe somewhere on your property.

4. Fire Extinguishers: You should have a fire extinguisher in at least the kitchen and on every floor of your home. Replace extinguishers as directed by the manufacturer.

5. Outlet Safety: Once a month, do a hand-check on all outlets; if they’re warm, call your electrician. At all times, make sure you stay within manufacturer recommendations for maximum wattage per outlet, and never plug more than one high-wattage appliance into a single outlet.

6. Extension Cords: No cords, including extension cords, should run across doorways or under rugs. If you’re using an extension cord as a permanent fixture, consider having new electrical outlets installed.

7. Smoke Alarms: Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms outside every bedroom, as well as on every level of your home (including the basement) and in furnace areas. Buy dual alarms that use long-life lithium batteries. Test your smoke alarms at least once per month to make sure they’re working properly and replace the batteries every year.

8. Cordless Window Coverings: Loose cords can strangle children in an instant. Switch out all corded blinds and curtains for cordless versions. If this is cost prohibitive or not possible, make sure all cords are stored out of children’s reach and without loops or knots.

9. Escape Route: Establish a plan of escape in the event of fire. You should map out at least two exit routes, and should purchase a rescue ladder if your home is multi-level. Practice your escape plan at least twice per year, with at least one time at night.

10. Sliding Doors: Sliding or track doors require a solid bar or dowel in their tracking system to prevent break-in. This bar should measure almost the exact length of the track (within 1/4″ of the total length).

Erin Ethington

Erin Ethington


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