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How long have you lived in Toledo? Whether you answer “Born and raised” or “Just moved here last week” I am sure that there are areas, events, landmarks, and celebrations in the Great Glass City you don’t know about. Believe it or not, and this goes out to all you that may think the grass is greener elsewhere, Toledo is a rich area for everything AWESOME! Decades upon decades have made Toledo what it is today, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the AMAZING! So to celebrate everything Toledo I introduce ‘Buried Treasures of Toledo’. A fun way to promote what makes Toledo great; the people, the buildings, the events, the atmosphere, it will all be here for your viewing pleasure!

To get us started on this Toledo based adventure I bring you The Casey-Pomeroy House. 1

Established in 1870 The Casey-Pomeroy House was built by Theodore Casey who lived there with his wife and five children. Theodore later remarried and the home switched hands.

The John Worthington family later owned the home. Mr. John Worthington was a wealthy banker, a millionaire; and eventually passed the home down to his daughter, Hanna Matilda Worthington. Hanna met and married Mr. George Pomeroy Jr. and in their wedded bliss became the third owners of the magnificent home. George died around 1924 and the home again changed hands.

The fourth occupants of the Casey-Pomeroy house were the Catholic Diocese. The Catholic Diocese owned the home but it was the nuns of St. Ursula followed by the nuns of St. Francis that occupied the home during this era. In this time frame the Casey-Pomeroy house was also a school for troubled youth. After the nuns and the children left it sat vacant for several years before its more recent rivival.


The Casey-Pomeroy House is now owned by partners Susan and Stu Burkett. The two purchased it with historical excitement in tow and are honoring its colorful past by faithfully restoring it to its previous glory. It is now a Bed and Breakfast; you can actually stay in this wonderful escape from modern day by stepping into a world rich with memories and even a ghost or two.

Today, in 2014, the house is divided into several suites that make up the amazing Bed and Breakfast owned by the Burkett’s. You can have a lavish stay in the Grand Suite for $185 a night, the Worthington or Pomeroy Rooms for $155, the St. Francis Room for $100 a night, or the Hanna Matilda Room for $145 a night. Some suites are also available for Bridal preparation before your big day!


Grand Suite


St. Francis Room


Hanna Matilda Room


Pomeroy Room


Worthington Room

Visit for more information on booking a stay at the historical Casey-Pomeroy Bed and Breakfast in beautiful Toledo, Ohio. Money raised goes in part to the restoration process of this captivating property, lend a hand, and have a great story to tell for life! We hope to see you in Toledo visiting this great site, “tune in” next week for another installment of ‘Buried Treasures of Toledo’.

Erin Ethington

Erin Ethington


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  • As the owner of the Casey-Pomeroy House, I truly appreciate your highlighting this magnificent historic mansion and it’s place in Toledo’s history. I invite all to become our friend on Facebook to watch for our 2014 event schedule. Otherwise, just book one of our gorgeous rooms for a little in-town get-away.

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    • Valerie Suelzer

      Thank you Sue Burkett for the news on the upcoming Casey-Pomeroy House 2014 Event Schedule on their Facebook page, everyone keep an eye out! You would not want to miss out on a fun look into Toledo History. I know I wouldn’t want to miss out! Sue, will there be tours available, or a inexpensive way to view the grounds without a complete stay/visit? I’d love to know, thank you!

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  • jules

    Remembering this grand home, I do, from the 1940’s and 50’s.
    As a kid riding my bicycle on North Huron Street…I pondered the enormous size the style.
    It is so nice to see the Casey-Pomeroy House being appreciated, nutured, once again.

    ….observer Jules in Holy Toledo…

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