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If you’re like me, you tend to pick the most neutral and safe color option while looking for home decor. I like to call it a “Color Commitment Issue”. The idea of choosing a bold color makes me cringe inside, as I anticipate it may clash with other pieces in the room, I may change my mind about the color later, and it just might be too overwhelming to the eye. So I stick with the black furniture, the white pillow, the gray rug, and the brown wooden table.

However, I am happy to announce that I am on the road to recovery in my inability to commit to bold colors, and have decided to fully embrace them instead. Don’t worry — this transformation didn’t happen overnight! Over the years, I have seen several examples of ways bold color can really bring a space to life. It can be done in a tactful and tasteful manner that makes me never want to return to the bland land of browns, whites and grays.

I know I’m not the only one who favors the safe shades on the color wheel. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite looks incorporating bold colors to instill the same bold-color bravery in you! If your space is looking a little bit boring, spice things up by adding a bright piece here and there. We think it’s about time we all take a chance and be bold with our interiors.


Paint a Piece of Furniture

If you’re ready to dive right into the bold color scene, you might paint an existing piece of furniture a bright color. This will really freshen up a piece that needs a little love, and will add just the right amount of color to a room. You might consider grabbing a plain piece of furniture from a thrift store and bringing it to life with a can of paint and some new hardware pieces! Here are some examples of painted furniture that we admire.

Painted Furniture

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Paint an Accent Wall

Another way to fully embrace bold color within your home is by painting an accent wall a contrasting color. And for those who worry about the long-term commitment of paint, remember that you can always paint it a different color down the road! Here are a few accent walls we love.

Bold Accent Walls

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Throw in Some Pillows

Pillows are a wonderful way to add variety, interest and bold color to a room. Whether it’s a throw pillow on a couch or a decorative pillow on your bed, pillows are a small way to add style to your space. We adore these fun, bright pillows!

Bright Pillows

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Add Accessories

Cheerful accessories can add just the right amount of bold color to a room as well, and don’t require a hefty financial investment. You can also easily paint some of these to match a new interior look down the road. Here are a few ways accessories — such as items on a shelf, mirror frames or potted plants — can add a surprising amount of color to a space.

Bold Accessories

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Grab a Seat

We love DIY painted furniture, but are also drawn to these couches and chairs that were born bold. They make quite the statement, and will showcase your bravery in the color department. Check out some of our favorite bold-color seating looks.

 Colorful Seating

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Add Works of Art

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to decorate with bold color, as a canvas (or photograph) can host an endless amount of color on its surface. These bright works of art in particular leave us inspired and uplifted.

Wall Art

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What do you think?

Those are just a handful of ways you can incorporate bold colors into your space. What bold color moves have you tried or been inspired by?


Written: Mar 3, 2016

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