6 Toledo Area Homes With Beautiful Bathrooms

We spend lots of time, money and energy renovating our kitchens, painting our living rooms and perfecting our backyard landscaping. While these updates are certainly important, there’s another space that is worth our attention. We spend lots of time each day getting ready for the day in our bathrooms, so it’s important to have a space that is clean, relaxing and pleasant to look at.

Let’s take a look at some master bathrooms in the area that inspire us!


Monclova Home With Majestic Master Bathroom

Why choose between a stand-up glass shower and a relaxing bath tub when you can have both? This Monclova home has a majestic master bathroom that we’re quite fond of, which utilizes neutral tones and high-quality finishes in a tasteful way.

Bathroom Photo


Golf Course Home Meshing Old World With Modern

This Toledo home overlooking Sylvania Country Club has an Old World feel throughout the space with its beautiful stonework, exposed wooden beams and unique details. The master bathroom puts an updated spin on this look with contemporary tilework in the shower and gorgeous granite countertops.

Bathroom 2


Holland Home With Centrally Located Tub

We happen to be under the impression that a gorgeous bathtub should be the focal point of a bathroom. That is certainly the case for this home in Holland as the tub is placed smack dab in the middle of the room, drawing much attention and providing a unique design for the room.

Bathroom 3


Unique Home With Black-and-White Tiled Bathroom

There are surprises around every corner in this Toledo home, like the ultra-modern kitchen, the bold tiling in the entryway, and the cozy circular nook surrounded by windows. The striking black-and-white contrast found in the entryway tiling continues into the master bathroom, providing an intriguing look you just don’t see every day.

Bathroom 5


Contemporary Home With Unique Bathroom Structure

This contemporary home in Sylvania rests on 5 acres of land and includes several elements that make it the perfect home for entertaining. But once the crowds leave, relax in your private master retreat with an extremely unique bath tub design!

Bathroom 7


Perrysburg Home With Luxurious Bathtub

The luxurious bathtub in this Perrysburg home looks fit for a king, with its rich granite surroundings and jetstream features. This is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day!

Bathroom 9


Which bathroom is your favorite?

Let us know which one you wouldn’t mind getting ready in each morning! We’d love to know.

Written: Aug 3, 2016

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