15 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Lived in Toledo in the ’90s

The Toledo area is growing every year, with residents who are swept away by its current charm and appeal. But several of us are familiar with the whole story of this captivating city, having called it home for decades — nearly three decades to be exact — or perhaps even longer!

If you lived in Toledo during the 1990s, it’s likely you remember several of these historic landmarks, several of which are still kicking, and some of which have since been replaced.

Dust off your high-waisted, pleated denim and slip on those scrunchies! It’s time to take a walk down memory lane as we unveil a few of the quintessential establishments of the ‘90s.


1. Club Bijou

Club Bijou Toledo

Photo Courtesy of MC Chris

If you were around in the ‘90s, you probably feel a ping of sadness at the mention of Club Bijou, as the club’s historic building, which hosted a myriad of venues since its inception in 1940, was torn down in the mid-2000s.


2. Toledo Mud Hens’ in the 1990s

Ned Skeldon Stadium

Photos Courtesy of Ballpark Reviews

Avid Mud Hens fans will remember the evolution of the team’s logo, which simply screamed “‘90s” during that era. You’ll also recall Ned Skeldon Stadium, which hosted the team from 1965 to 2001.


3. North Towne Square Mall

North Towne Square Mall Toledo

Photo courtesty of Detroit Urbex

North Towne Square Mall in Toledo’s north end was a thriving mall in the ‘80s, featuring stores rarely found elsewhere in the area, such as Chick-fil-A, Camelot Music, CVS and Frederick’s of Hollywood. But you’ll remember the mall’s decline in the ‘90s, as Franklin Park Mall became Toledo’s main shopping destination. North Towne Square Mall is now included amongst America’s (eery) collection of abandoned malls.


4. Southwyck Mall

Southwyck Mall Toledo

Photos Courtesy of Labelscar

Another mall in the area you will remember is the Southwyck Mall, which was demolished in 2009. Who could forget the carousel, fountain and seven-theater complex?


5. Frankie’s Inner City

Frankie's Inner City

Photo Courtesy of Frankie’s Inner City

Frankie’s Inner City was the go-to spot to hear up-and-coming musicians from Detroit, Cleveland and local bands hailing from Toledo. This historic concert venue is still up and running! While you might miss the ‘90s music scene, you probably won’t miss the lack of air conditioning back in the day.


6. Sports Arena

Toledo Sports Arena

Photo Courtesy of Detroit Urbex

We mustn’t forget the infamous Sports Arena that hosted concerts, shows and sporting events for nearly half a century. You may remember seeing a hockey game or two at the Sports Arena in the ‘90s, while it hosted the Toledo Storm, who returned as the Toledo Walleye shortly after they were sold in 2007!


7. Ohio Skate

Ohio Skate Toledo

Photo Courtesy of Ohio Skate

As you take your kids to Ohio Skate, either in Maumee or Toledo, you’re sure to reminisce on your glory days on the rink during the ‘90s — or even as early as 1976, when they opened their doors. Disco skating, anyone?


8. The University of Toledo Flower Bed

University of Toledo Flower Bed

Photo Courtesy of University of Toledo on Twitter

There are those who see the University of Toledo’s fountain as it now stands, and there are those who see the fountain as a former flower bed.


9. Party In the Park Downtown

Party in the Park took over Promenade Park during the ‘80s and ‘90s, entertaining huge crowds of people on Friday nights throughout the summer. This summer, the Toledo Mud Hens announced the return of the series — this time, at Hensville Park. We’re so glad this community tradition is making a comeback!


10. Maumee Indoor Theatre

Maumee Indoor Theatre

Photo Courtesy of Stuff What I’ve Seen

We love to see a building or establishment withstand the test of time, and the Maumee Indoor Theatre has done just that — for 50 years! This was a go-to destination in the ‘90s, and it seems the admission prices were frozen in that decade, as you can still see a movie for just $3.75.


11. Erie Street Market

Toledo Erie Street Market

Photo Courtesy of Doug Grosjean

Erie Street Market is another ‘90s throwback, having been recently sold with hopes of revitalization and a new life for the vacant building!


12. Q-Zar

Q-Zar Toledo

Photo Courtesy of Q-Zar

Q-Zar was the new kid on the block when it opened back in 1994, offering endless entertainment for kids and kids at heart. Take a walk down memory lane with a visit today, as this laser tag emporium is still open for business!


13. Centennial Quarry

Centennial Quarry

Photo Courtesy of Enjoying Toledo

Sylvania’s Centennial Quarry was the place to be during summers in the ‘90s. Thankfully, your kids can experience the same wonders of this deep-water, spring-fed swimming facility still in operation today!


14. Major Magics

Major Magic's Toledo

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Thompson

Major Magics was a popular pizza arcade restaurant hailing from the ‘80s, when entertainment restaurants such as Chuck E. Cheese’s were all the rage. When the trend declined in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Major Magics stayed strong!


15. Discovery Zone

Along those lines, Discovery Zone was another entertainment venue for kids with games, elaborate indoor mazes, roller slides, climbing play structures and more.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe this commercial from 1993 will refresh your memory…


Reminisce with us!

What do you remember about living in Toledo in the ‘90s? Comment below with your favorite Toledo landmarks, traditions and quirks that you recall from this glorious decade.

Written: Oct 14, 2016

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