5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

You know how stylists have all those handy tricks up their sleeve to make your eyes stand out, to make your face glow and to match your hair style with your face shape? Well, decorating isn’t all that different.

Interior decorators rely heavily on visual cues when setting up a space, and pair these visual tricks with practical furniture and décor items that highlight a room’s best features. And no other room can benefit from these tricks more than a tiny bedroom.

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Small bedrooms are cozy and inviting, but can easily get cluttered and cramped. And since the bedroom is so important in turning a house (or apartment) into a home, it deserves special attention – especially if it doesn’t meet your expectations in terms of size.

So how do you transform a small bedroom without tearing down walls? Here are some of the best ways to style up your bedroom for that spacious and roomy feel:

1. Opt for Flattering, Multi-Purpose Furniture

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Size in itself would be a much smaller issue if the lack of storage wouldn’t complicate things.

Luckily, furniture makers have started tackling the need for efficient design. You’ll now be able to find beds with considerable storage space underneath (or beds with built-in shelves on the sides), stools that can also serve as side tables and magazine racks, wall-mounted foldout desks, ironing boards that you can turn around and use as mirrors, ottomans with storage space for your towels and linens, and so on.

And if you sometimes work from home (and your bedroom serves as workspace), consider buying foldable table and chairs; they’ll save you some space, while also doing their job splendidly when needed.

Furniture wise, another great visual trick is to choose furniture with exposed legs – as opposed to bulky pieces that occupy much-needed floor space. Or you could even go for glass or lucite furniture pieces that will give a feel of added space.

2. Use Small Room Décor Tricks

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Instead of displaying photos and wall art throughout the bedroom, opt for one eye-grabbing art piece — that will act as the centerpiece of the room. This will not only declutter the room, but will add a focal point that will balance the space.

And since we’re talking décor, here’s the dreaded part: interior designer and Small Space Living author Christine Brun advises us to tone down our urge to showcase everything we own and love. Instead, pick elements you love and switch them with others every season. Size is also key, as smaller items tend to overcrowd a place much quicker; the cantaloupe rule will come in handy here: if the item is smaller than a cantaloupe, don’t showcase it!  

Another element that can work in your favor is unity: coordinating your colors can work wonders and create a sense of coherence, so make sure you color code (and color match) your decor items, including wall art, lamps, pillows, and blankets.

3. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Instead of having just one overhead fixture, go for several lighting elements spread throughout the room. This optic trick will add more depth to your room, making it appear more spacious (not to mention cozier.)

Lighting is the key to making a small room appear bigger. And since no light fixtures can trump natural lighting, make sure you let in as much sunlight as possible. If that means ditching your window treatments, so be it; dark-inducing drapes would only add a cluttered feel to the room, while also blocking natural light. And if you’re concerned about privacy, simply replace your drapes with gauzy sheer white hangings.

4. Double Your Space with Mirrors

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Space, unlike beauty, is rarely in the eye of the beholder; but mirrors can trick the eye into believing a room is much bigger than it actually is, possibly more than any other visual queue. Adding a large mirror to your bedroom will create a beautiful illusion of space.

For a more dramatic space increase, consider investing in a closet with mirrored doors. One of the oldest tricks in the book, a closet with mirror doors will nearly double the square footage of your bedroom. And if you’re wondering why isn’t everyone using this trick, it’s because maintaining those mirrored doors clean of fingerprints can be quite the hassle (but fortunately, one with an easy fix).

For proper maintenance, house cleaning professionals advise using warm water and a touch of mild dish soap (that doesn’t have all that strong acidic substances in it like ammonia or vinegar, that would surely damage the protective surface of a mirror.) Use this little trick and your mirrored closet doors will always be in top shape.

5. Paint in Light Shades

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

Last on our list – mostly because painting the walls might not be an option if you’re a renter – paint is the ultimate trick for enlarging a room.

Bright spaces appear bigger, so make sure you choose a lighter color for your walls. Home design experts say to consider shades of cream, beige, light grayish-blue and lavender – or the classic white – as these bright colors reflect light instead of absorbing it.

For an added effect, you can paint your bedroom ceiling a darker color (though it’s advisable to pick the color out of the same palette as your walls.) This will add a sort of 3D effect that enlarges your room and gives it more depth.  


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Written: Dec 29, 2016

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