The 11 Hottest Neighborhoods in the Toledo Area

Toledo is a delightful area to call home, for its family-friendly atmosphere, affordability, lively downtown, and tight-knit community feel. But where exactly are the best neighborhoods in and around Toledo?

Take a look at some of the most popular neighborhoods (and surrounding cities!) that people in Toledo and all across the country are attracted to. Their charm, attractions, safety and beauty make them wonderful places to call home!


1. Westgate

The Westgate community surrounding the Westgate Village Shopping Center includes a large collection of homes on spacious lots along well-maintained streets. You will find just about every style and size of home that fits your lifestyle within Westgate, from quaint two-bedrooms to grandiose mansions. This neighborhood is particularly desirable for its proximity to the shops, restaurants, and grocery stores (including a Costco!) in the Westgate Village area. In fact, we may be a bit biased because this concentrated area of businesses is where our corporate office is located!


2. Deveaux

Deveaux Neighborhood Toledo, Ohio

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Deveaux is another desirable Toledo neighborhood, particularly in the area surrounding Elmhurst Elementary School. This is one of the most sought-after public schools in the area, so many families are moving closer to it for this very reason. You will find a combination of historic and brand new homes in this area, along tree-lined streets dotted with community parks, creeks, and other attractive landmarks. Downtown access is extremely convenient (via both the highway and side streets) for residents of Deveaux who work in the city.


3. Ottawa Hills

Ottawa Hills, Ohio

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Ottawa Hills is considered the wealthiest community in the Toledo area, as it has the highest incomes with a median household income of $111,344 and the highest home values in the area. This makes it a desirable area to buy a home, as values are constantly increasing over time. This suburban area nestled between Wildwood Preserve Metropark and the University of Toledo is filled with gorgeous homes that enjoy the safety and beauty of this tight-knit neighborhood. You’ll find home styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between in Ottawa Hills. With so much natural beauty in this area, you’d think that’s the major draw; however, it is the friendliness of its residents who take care of one another that makes this area truly special.


4. Perrysburg

Perrysburg, Ohio

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Perrysburg is arguably the most desirable community surrounding Toledo, as it has its own lively downtown area, hosts gorgeous homes, and has a tight-knit and family-friendly feel. Perrysburg is filled with unique and historic neighborhoods that are safe, clean and walking distance to the many attractions in the downtown area. You’ll find lots of boutique shops, restaurants and bars in downtown Perrysburg, all situated in a picturesque setting with trees, grass and well-kept streets. Perrysburg is also home to Levis Commons, which is considered one of the nicest shopping centers in the area, providing an outdoor shopping experience at lots of well-known retail stores.

Perrysburg offers the lifestyle of a small town with the amenities of a larger city, and has been rated as one of the best hometowns by Ohio Magazine in addition its standing as one of the 10 best towns in the country to raise a family.


5. Maumee

Maumee, Ohio

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Maumee is another Toledo suburb attracting homebuyers and renters alike. You will find historic homes and well-maintained landscaping, especially as you approach the neighborhoods closest to the Maumee River. Residents enjoy the natural beauty of this town by taking advantage of convenient river access, lush green parks and breathtaking vistas. The quaint, historic downtown district provides shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues (like the infamous Indoor Maumee Theater) for both residents and visitors to enjoy.


6. Old West End

The historic Old West End neighborhood may be vintage but it continues to attract people in the present day. It was included amongst the best neighborhoods in all of Ohio for its obvious charm, history and safety. You will find 25 city blocks featuring the largest collection of late Victorian-era homes in the country, in addition to Colonial, Georgian, Italian Renaissance, Queen Anne, Dutch Colonial, French Second Empire, and Arts and Crafts homes. Homebuyers considering a move to the Old West End neighborhood have a rare opportunity to own a piece of history! The central location of the community in the heart of Toledo means residents have immediate access to the city’s best attractions, restaurants and shops. There is also a tight-knit element in this area, as neighbors truly know each other, participate in annual events, and maintain a certain pride for their community.


7. Franklin Park

Franklin Park Toledo, Ohio

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Franklin Park is a large neighborhood in the northwest edge of Toledo, bordered by the Ohio-Michigan state line. Most homes in this area were built between the 1950s and 1980s, featuring a diverse collection of home styles, including Ranch, Prairie, traditional, and more. Franklin Park enjoys safe and quiet neighborhoods with easy access to shopping at the popular Franklin Park Mall, recreational activities at nearby parks like Wildwood Preserve Metropark, and a short drive to the heart of downtown Toledo.


8. Beverly

Beverly Toledo, Ohio

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Beverly is a quaint and picturesque community nestled along the Maumee River in the southwest end of Toledo. With river views, friendly residents, well-kept homes, and affordable living, this is one of the best neighborhoods in and around Toledo. Plus, families in Beverly might consider becoming members of the Toledo Zoo, since they live so close! Natural beauty meets comfortable living in this Toledo suburb.


9. Erie

Although it is located across the Ohio-Michigan state line, this charming neighborhood is an amazing place to live in the Toledo area. The quiet suburban feel, slower pace of life, abundance of natural beauty, and proximity to nearby attractions — including Lake Erie — make Erie, Michigan an especially charming town. There is no shortage of land in Erie. In fact, many homes rest on large lots with prairie views or lots of space to host animals or crops. Erie has a tight-knit community, where neighbors are well-connected and look after each other. The town’s proximity to the shore of Lake Erie makes it even more attractive, as you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Lakes just minutes from home!


10. Sylvania

Sylvania, Ohio

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Sylvania is certainly something special, as it maintains a reasonable distance from attractions of nearby cities but certainly has enough going on in the town itself. We recommend visiting Sylvania establishments all the time, and for good reason! Home prices in Sylvania are definitely reasonable, and the city has an overall well-maintained feel throughout — making the area feel safe, clean and pleasant for its residents. The Sylvania School System consistently receives high performance rankings throughout the state, making this an attractive hometown for families. The downtown area has a great selection of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, and other local businesses that attract residents and visitors alike.


11. Old Orchard

Old Orchard is an enchanting neighborhood in the Toledo area, hosting a collection of historic homes along tree-lined streets. This small grid of homes is located north of the University of Toledo in the western edge of Toledo, so it is a popular area for professors and staff members of the university to live. Whether or not you’re looking to buy in Old Orchard, it is certainly worth a drive or walk through this gorgeous neighborhood — where you’ll see unique and charming homes that range in style from Victorian to traditional, and everything in between. This area derives its name from the large orchards that once existed on the land before it was developed in the 1920s. This area was also home to Millie Benson, who was one of the original ghost writers of the Nancy Drew mystery books, and a columnist for the Toledo Blade and the Toledo Times. This area is rich with history and beauty!


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Written: Feb 10, 2017

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