12 Smart Home Devices Available on Amazon that will Basically Run Your Life for You

From work or school to afternoon activities and family time, you run a busy life. Sometimes as a result, menial tasks like watering the lawn or vacuuming the floors can be swept under the rug (literally). “I’ll do that next week” you think to yourself…every week. It’s okay, we understand.

Lucky for you, the future is now. The brilliant minds of today have engineered a number of techy devices to make our lives easier, including robotic vacuum cleaners, smart thermostats, pet feeders, and a cylindrical in-house assistant. These nifty home gadgets are all available on Amazon.com, and can be delivered to your door within a few days. Just think — your life could be running itself by early next week!



You’ve probably heard of this fantastic super vacuuming robot that has hairballs and small bits of rubble running in terror — and if you haven’t, you’re certainly in for a treat. The iRobot Roomba comes in several different levels, from the cheaper 620 to the most luxe 980.

The 980 navigates around your home effortlessly, avoiding clunky furniture and stairs, cleaning debris for you while you lounge on the couch or go out for margaritas. It runs for up to 120 minutes, then automatically recharges and starts where it left off, altering its power level depending if it’s on carpet, tile or wood floors. And remember those unfortunate hair clogs in standard vacuums? The tangle-free extractors in the Roomba have solved that problem for you. Goodbye hassle, hello clean floors!


Smart Blinds

Open and close your blinds automatically with this easy-to-install kickstarter device. You can attach it to any brand of horizontal blinds with no tools or hassle, and then control your blinds easily with your smartphone. You can even adjust it so your blinds will track the sun and close accordingly. Imagine how much easier it will be to sleep in!



In need of a new friend? Alexa is your gal. Alexa is the live-in assistant everyone wishes they had, reading you the news, playing your favorite tunes, and alerting you to changes in traffic all with simple commands — and she never talks back! As if that wasn’t enough, all of the devices listed here can be controlled by Alexa. “Alexa, turn the sprinklers on.” Done. “Alexa, can you dim the lights?” Also done. She’s just the best, isn’t she?


Smart Lightbulbs

Forget getting up from your comfortable seat and walking across the room to turn off or dim the lights — these bulbs will bend to your every wish with a simple command to Alexa or a swish of the smartphone. You can set timers and countdowns with your preferred lighting levels, and your lights will work around your life and your schedule. They’re a steal at $19.99 a pop, and are rated to last almost 23 years.


Ecobee Thermostat

The thermostat battles you’ve been having with your roommate or significant other might finally come to an end with the addition of Ecobee to your home. This smart thermostat analyzes your unique home profile, the weather and thousands of other data points to decide when to turn on the heating and cooling equipment in your home — and you can control the temperature remotely using your phone or Alexa. The Ecobee also senses which room you’re in and when you’ve left the house, delivering comfort when you’re home and saving energy when you’re out. You’ll save an average of 23% annually on your energy bills, so this thing basically pays for itself!


Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Do you ever get home from a long day of work and wish that your dinner would just cook itself? Well, now it can with this nifty device. The Anova Culinary Sous Vide precision cooker uses cooking methods from professional chefs to achieve restaurant-quality results every time. Just drop your food in a pot of water in a sealed bag or jar, and press start. The Anova will evenly cook everything from meats, vegetables, soups, seafood and even desserts with no worry of overcooking. You can monitor the process remotely from your mobile device, and catch up on your favorite shows without worrying about running to the kitchen every few minutes.


The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Give your yard the tool it needs to be the best version of itself with this smart sprinkler controller. Sure, timed sprinklers are nothing new, but the Rachio is so much more than that. It uses specific yard details, advanced watering algorithms, proven irrigation science and weather forecasts to create the perfect watering schedule for your particular yard — and continuously adapts to changing conditions. You can control it from anywhere on your phone, tablet or laptop, or with a simple command to Alexa.

The GemPet SmartFeeder

Feed Fido or Fluffy with this automatic pet feeder that can be controlled with your smartphone, and chat with them while they snack through the video chat app and camera. Portions can be scheduled in advance to keep their diet on track, or you can decide to give them an impromptu snack or an extra heaping of kibble at any time. We know your pets miss you when you’re away, so treat them with the next best thing — food!


Smart Plug

Regardless of what you have plugged in, be it a space heater, a fan, or lamps, you can control them all with the touch of a button on your smartphone. This smart plug allows you to schedule lights to turn on while your way, or for your fan to come on at the hottest part of the day to keep your pet cool. The possibilities are endless!


U by Moen Shower Controller

While you’re jamming out to that cool shower speaker, wouldn’t it be great for your shower to be the perfect temperature at all times? The U by Moen mounted shower controller allows you to set preset temperatures, turn the shower on remotely using your smartphone, and allow it to warm to your preferred settings before you even get in — none of that jumping in and out of the water that is scalding hot, freezing cold, and then scalding again.


H2O Vibe Shower Speaker

Turn your morning shower into a concert experience with the H2O Vibe shower head, which drenches you in a spa-like rain shower while serenading you with your favorite tunes. Set up a playlist or stream Spotify from your bluetooth enabled device and get ready to jam — without killing your phone’s battery. You can even answer calls if you wish, and have a full conversation while getting clean.


August Smart Lock

Forgot your keys? No problem. This smart lock allows you to lock and access your home without keys on a day-to-day basis. Someone at the door? Control who enters with your smartphone app, and share temporary virtual keys with friends and family. Bringing in a lot of groceries? Auto-unlock your home from your car before getting to the house, and then enter hands-free. You’ll have convenience as well as piece of mind, knowing who is coming and going and at what time with 24/7 in-app activity feed. This works with both Alexa and Siri.


Happy Shopping!

These techy gadgets are so useful — we’re tempted to buy all of them! Share your experiences with smart home devices in the comments below. We’d love to hear your story!

Written: May 11, 2017

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