Your Guide to a Perfect Morning in Maumee, Ohio

Those who live in Maumee know that is simply one of the best places to call home. With our cozy restaurants and cafes, stunning local metropark, great residential community, and prime access to riverside recreation, we’ve got everything you need for a comfortable life — not to mention the friendly people!

The morning is the best time of the day in our opinion, so we compiled a list of our favorite local activities to pack in before noon. Whether you live here already or are just curious about life in Maumee, you’ll enjoy these ideas for a perfect morning in town, filled with coffee, warm breakfast, and quality time by the river. You can sleep in tomorrow instead.

Watch the Sun Rise

Things To Do in Maumee, Ohio

If you’re an early riser and have witnessed the sun rise over the Maumee river, you already know that is a sight to behold. Bundle up (Ohio mornings are cold), grab a thermos of something warm, and head out to Sidecut Metropark to secure your spot by the water. There’s nothing more romantic or refreshing than cozying up next to a loved one for a peaceful early morning in nature!
After the show is over, head over to Windows on Wildlife, an indoor viewing station in the park that overlooks a natural feeding area for local wildlife. See if you can snap a shot of a bird or turtle, and try to identify different species using the helpful guide on the wall.

Grab a Cup of Joe from Georgette’s Fair Trade Grounds & Gifts


No morning in Maumee is complete without a soul-warming cup of coffee from Georgette’s. Here, you’ll find all the classics (cold brew, lattes and pour-overs) made with beans that are completely fair trade. The coffee is flavorful and served alongside house-made pastries and baked goods — the perfect ingredients to kick start your morning. While you’re enjoying your treat of choice, you can peruse the gift shop and admire beautiful pieces of art and trinkets created from artisans all around the world.

As an added bonus, Georgette’s is a member of Sunshine Communities, a local nonprofit that supports people with developmental disabilities, providing opportunities to work and thrive in the communities they live in.

Hit the River

Fishing on the Maumee River

The early hours — when the sun is rising and the air is still — make the perfect window for fishing on the Maumee River. In our community, we are lucky to have prime access to this beloved water source that runs straight through the middle of Toledo. The river is home to a variety of fish, including walleye, white bass, catfish, smallmouth bass and steelhead trout. If you visit during the month of April, the streams will be crowded with fishermen from near and far participating in the annual Maumee Walleye run, the largest walleye migration event of the year.

Before you hit the water, gear up at Maumee Tackle. This local shop has been around for years, and is the best resource for fishermen to stock up on rods, lures, waders, bait and the like. The staff will also be able to provide tips and tricks for your fishing excursion, ensuring that you have the best chance to catch a trophy or two!

Grab a Bite to Eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Fuel up with waffles, eggs Benedict, and all of your morning favorites at one of these local hot spots.

Briarfield Cafe

This family-owned spot takes pride in its high standards and quality food,  all of which is created with the best ingredients available. The breakfast menu includes egg scrambles, three versions of an eggs Benny, omelettes and French Toast, but our favorite is the breakfast pizza. The hashbrown crust is perfectly crispy and topped with egg, ham, green pepper, mushroom, onion and mozzarella cheese — the perfect excuse to eat pizza for breakfast.  


This local chain is already widely popular, but with the release of its new menu, you’ll find even more to love! The omelettes are made to order with four fresh, never-pasteurized and never-frozen eggs that are hand cracked and then topped with top-notch ingredients. Extra hungry? Opt for “the Ultimate” which comes fully loaded with sausage, ham, bacon, bell peppers, celery, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, chives, cheese and sour cream. Ooh la la!


This no-frills, family-owned cafe in Maumee is known for its quality food and excellent service. Omelettes and breakfast sandwiches are the name of the game here, and the menu is simple but satisfying — with low prices to sweeten the deal. Try the Monte Cristo Sandwich, with grilled ham and Swiss cheese nestled between two slices of thick sugar-dusted French toast.

Go for a Walk or Bike Ride   

Biking in Maumee, OH

After you’ve stuffed yourself with all off the delicious, eggy options at breakfast, you’ll likely have energy to burn! Enjoy the remainder of your morning with a leisurely walk or bike ride in our local metropark. Side Cut isn’t just known for fishing and sunrises. Here you’ll also find a variety of trails that hug the river and meander through the trees.

The Side Cut Fallen Timbers trail is our favorite for pedestrian use (no bikes allowed), as it travels through an old pine plantation and open prairie. You’ll likely see a few deer on your journey, which is just under four miles round trip.

If you’re on two wheels, you’ll need to use the Wabash Cannonball Trail, which boasts 64 miles of rideable routes. The trail follows two former rail lines, and eventually form a north fork and a south fork. The convergence point is at Jerome Road in Maumee, near the Fallen Timbers Battlefield.

Make Yourself at Home

Maumee Homes for Sale | 7048 Oak Bluff Lane, Maumee, OH

This home is currently for sale | 7048 Oak Bluff Lane, Maumee, OH | Listed by Kathy Willis

If you haven’t had enough of this gorgeous community, maybe consider making a home here. We’ve got A or A+ safety ratings all around, an easy commute to your Toledo office, a family-friendly environment, and comfortable homes.

Enjoy Your Morning!

Look at all of the things you accomplished before noon! And you still have the entire day ahead of you. Is there anything you would add to this list? Let us know about them in the comments.

If you’re looking to extend the day’s adventures, check out our list of great things to do in Maumee all day long.

Written: Jun 29, 2017

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