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Danberry Marketing is bringing new, innovative technology exclusively to Danberry Agents and their clients. In addition to adding a handful of employees to support this adventure, Danberry is adding new features and options to make Danberry homes stand out from the rest.

New Technologies


Technology is advancing at a high rate and Danberry is committed to be the regions leader. Recently, Danberry made significant investments to make new technologies available for our Realtors with the creation of the Danberry Design House. Below are just a few of the great marketing tools that cause Danberry agents to stand out among the rest.

3D Camera


Our new 3D Camera technology provides viewers with virtual walk-thru tours, highlighting major features and upgrades to the house along the way. In addition, the doll house and floor plan views allow the viewer to see the house in a way you never could before. See what rooms are below/above others, how everything is laid out, and get a feel for what it would be like to actually be in the house. Danberry’s 3D option of showcasing homes is like no other. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, this is the way to show a house.

Photo and Video Studio


Danberry helps our Realtors and properties look their best by providing new in-house marketing materials and professionals. New to the office is our photo and video studio, providing Realtors options for headshots, group photography, and video sessions. In addition, this equipment can be taken into a home to highlight the beauty of the property with professional photography/videography.

Updated Website and Mobile App



Danberry really does make it worry free. With our new website and app, you are able to find the home you are looking for easier than ever. Type in the street address, determine an area, specify your criteria, or sort by a Realtor; our website and app are here to help.

Building the Team

Danberry’s Marketing and Technology department has significantly grown in the last year, combining specialists in web, photography, videography, graphic design, website communication, and marketing.


Allyson France, Danberry’s Vice President of Marketing and Technology, is the leader of the pack. Her professional demeanor, leadership and team building experience, results in a clear vision for the team. In addition to  growing the Danberry brand, Allyson is utilizing her extensive background in fundraising to further the mission of Danberry, raising critical funds for the Danberry Treasure Chest. Allyson’s drive and determination is helping to bring Danberry along with the Marketing and Technology department, to new heights.


Erin Ethington, Chief Technology Officer, assists realtors for all things technology. Always available to help, Erin is involved in all aspects of technology throughout the company. New agent training and onboarding, tech support and troubleshooting, and all website functionalities are just a few of Erin’s specialties.


Katie Schroeder, Danberry’s Media Specialist, is our go-to for all things creative. She is the lady behind the lens, whether it be for photo, video, or 3D virtual tours. In addition to being an expert with a camera, she also provides Danberry with marketing, graphic design, and social media support. Katie is helping to build and grow Danberry’s Design House, the company’s in-house marketing team and technologies.


Traci Dobbelaere, Client Services Coordinator, communicates with all new incoming leads from the Danberry website. If you have a question regarding a property and contact us online, Traci is here to match you with an appropriate agent and make sure your needs are met. As a licensed Realtor herself, she can answer your questions and knows what buyers are looking for in a realtor.


Ashley Geise, Corporate Administrator, is the friendly face you will most likely first interact with when you contact Danberry. In addition to helping clients find who and what they are looking for, Ashley maintains the continuing education files and appropriate approvals for Realtors. Ashley also assists in organizing, marketing, and promoting all company events, whether it be social events, charity involvement, meetings, or educational events.


Tad Lenhart, Signs Coordinator, is the face of Danberry. Whether Tad is putting signs up, taking them down, or serving as a courier, Tad will always greet you with a friendly smile. Tad’s top notch service for the agents, along with his outstanding office communication, proves him to be a great asset for the Danberry team. With a drive of 120%, Tad is just one of many people who are taking Danberry from Good to Great.

Written: Aug 23, 2017

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Katie Schroeder

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