Color Wheel Psychology: The Colors in Your Home and What They Mean

I am so honored to be selected for the October guest blog for Danberry! I want to start by saying that I am in no way an expert on color. I’m not a scientist and I’m not an artist. I still draw my trees with a stick and a cloud on top and call it a day, just like I learned to do in kindergarten. Remember when you were young and opened that brand new box of crayons that you couldn’t wait to get on paper? What color did you go to first? Why do you think that was?

Our brains react to color in a multitude of ways. When you go to the store and pick out a new set of dishes, why do you choose one color over the other? These preferences say a lot about our personalities and can directly impact our mood and the environment around us. So, what do the colors you surround yourself with say about you? What is the color theme throughout your home?

Each year, color forecasters are working to determine the next season’s go-to colors. The year of 2017 was no different. They study showrooms, trade shows, and magazines for trends and how they impact our national mood. They then take all of that information and translate it into what colors we should be decorating with in the upcoming year.

The list of 2017’s go-to colors was lengthy, so I picked the most popular ones to discuss with you! Number one on the list is Poised Taupe, a light gray mix that feels weathered and woody. This color works great in an entry way because it brings a cozy, warm feeling into the space.


Next on the list was Mountain Air. Bringing together the best qualities of purple and gray, this shade of blue works great in kitchens and bedrooms due to its calming qualities. According to Sherwin Williams, faded indigo and lighter cornflower hues pair great with light or dark neutrals.



The best colors of 2017 also included various shades of white, such as Reflective White and Spatial White. This color works best in large living spaces because it allows the room to feel large and spacious. Pair white with woodsy tones or a pop of color through your décor.


Colors like Queen Anne’s Lace also made the list. This is in the green category, bringing the outdoors in. This color works great in family rooms, offices, and bathrooms. For the bedrooms, one of this year’s most popular colors is Sensitive Tint. This color brings together the best of purple, gray, and white for a soothing, relaxing tone.

Here are some of the other top 2017 colors from Sherwin Williams:



Now that we’ve broken down some of the year’s most popular colors, let’s talk about how it influences our mood. Believe it or not, we feel the color around us. Some colors give us a sense of serenity and calm, usually within the blue-purple-green spectrum. Others give us a feeling of tenseness or excitement, often spanning the red-orange-yellow spectrum.

The reason many offices use a lot of gray, blue, and other earth tones is because it increases productivity. However, this is not a universal rule. Depending on your field of work, your office space may have a lot of white, yellow, and pink to increase creativity, such as the fashion or retail industry. Many colors may have the same associations or significance within our brain, so it’s important to have the right balance in your home. What colors work best in each room? Let’s have a quick recap!

Kitchen: Use neutrals and relaxing tones, like whites, blues, and greens along with earthy tones.


Living Room: This space is best selected by taking the size of the room into consideration. Lighter color tones make the room feel larger and more open. Use warm white, gray, and crème tones to make the space feel welcoming and relaxing. Stay away from extremely bright colors, like red or yellow, as they are too stimulating and overwhelming.

Dining Room: The use of darker blues, such as Sherwin William’s Gale Force, has become a popular trend in dining room areas. Perhaps because blue is an almost universally liked color, it can reinforce feelings of safeness and confidence.


Bathroom: For many years, the most popular color trends in bathrooms have been light blue, seafoam, and light earthy shades to create a relaxing spa-like feeling. However, warmer shades such as deeper grays with a warm underglow are also becoming popular.

Bedroom: This room is really up to your own personal preference, but relaxing color tones are the go-to. The room where you sleep should be calming, so avoid bright, jarring colors. Bedroom trends are moving toward subtle use of color, with light purples, blues, and greens.

Hallways: Corals also topped the list of most popular colors in 2017. If you want to try this color in your home, but incorporating it on a large scale seems too overwhelming, light pinks, peaches and corals can be great in the hallway. Not only do these tones go well with many different colors, such as navy, red or sandy shades, but they can also literally brighten your whole mood by evoking feelings of joy.


Color is something that most of us are blessed enough to see each and every day, but the deeper meaning behind these colors often goes unrecognized or misunderstood. In the world of real estate, colors are extremely important to the personality of a home, but that’s the most important thing to remember. PERSONALITY. You are you for a reason, so stay true to that.


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Written: Oct 23, 2017

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