‘Tis the Season – Holiday Decorating

It’s hard to believe 2017 is nearing the end, but that also means it’s time to rejoice. No matter what you choose to celebrate this December, this time of year brings joy, honors giving, welcomes new beginnings, and gathers friends and family. With so much to celebrate, here are a few ways to make your home match the mood.


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Bring outdoor elements inside. Your mantel and fireplace are often the focal point of your living space, which makes it a great place to start. Stacking logs either inside or in front  of your fireplace is a surefire way to accomplish this. No matter which type of wood you choose, birch, pine, or otherwise, it brings purpose to the space. Speaking of outdoors, topping your mantel with garland of any kind is another classic touch. Need some ideas? You cannot go wrong with pine, but if you want a fresh take on this tradition, try out magnolia. Accentuate your garland with some special lighting. Any set will do, but I am partial to copper string lights. These mimic the night sky, are easy to manipulate, and will add a special ambiance to your room.




Seasonal textiles are an affordable way to make  your investment pieces adapt to each season. A great place to start is by purchasing  a few throws to be adorned across your couch or accent chair. Buffalo check plaid is a timeless winter textile or make your home feel extra luxurious with some faux fur. Another on-trend possibility? A chunky knit.  These purchases will not only serve as décor, but are functional for your family. Find a few accent pillows that compliment your selections and your living space will transform with the season.




When it comes to dining, a long table runner is an inexpensive investment to make for the season. Plain or patterned, this a great place to start. Looking for ideas? Burlap is a popular and affordable fabric that serves as a great backdrop. Ready to add something fresh? Blue spruce, cedar, juniper, and redwood are go to greeneries this time of year. Top off your table runner with one of these garlands. For a punch of color, scatter some winterberries on top. Next, a few seasonal pieces of serve wear will add extra charm when presenting special holiday dishes. You’ll now have a home for your dozens of cookies and holiday treats. Gold and silver trays are timeless, along with white porcelain and marble. If you are looking to be more playful, try  something that features a winter illustration or phrase. Last, but not least, add warmth with candles. Use long wicked candles to add dimension and height to your table or law low with some etched mercury votives.




Dressing up your eaves with string lights is one of the most classic ways to adorn your home for the holidays, no matter what shape, style, or color you choose. Not interested in climbing a ladder? Align your walkway with holiday lights or place pewter candles inside each window pane. Last, but not least, display a winter wreath on your front door. Deck it out with décor or stay timeless with a classic red bow.


These are just a few ideas of how you can bring the holidays into your home. Share with us some of your decorating tips and tricks below.

Written: Nov 29, 2017

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