Danberry Realtors’ 56th Annual Business Meeting

On January 25th, Danberry’s 56th Annual Business Meeting was held at the Inverness Club. While every year is special, this meeting was particularly eventful as we’ve undergone a year of significant, positive change.

New additions to the Corporate Staff in 2017 were: Kevin Warren (Chief Operating Officer), Allyson France (VP of Marketing & Technology), Katie Schroeder (Media Specialist for the Danberry Design House), Scott Estep (Spiritual Advisor), Traci Dobbeleare (Client Services Coordinator), Ashley Geise (Corporate Administrator), and Jordyn Windnagle (Social Media Specialist).


We also celebrated the addition of our new Bowling Green office, which will be run by Maggie Fawcett and Joann Amos, an industry veteran who was recently recognized as the TRAR Realtor of the Year. We look forward to expanding our services further into Wood County come February!

Another exciting announcement was made in regards to Danberry’s future; Kevin Warren, Maggie Fawcett, and Dan McQuillen will begin their transition as the company owners over the next few years. These three have more than proven their leadership abilities and industry expertise. We’re thrilled for this future endeavor and know that our company is in great hands!


We ended the Annual Meeting with our Awards Program where we recognized our Top Agents of 2017! The following awards were given:

President’s Club Members:

Rick Prokup

Victoria Valle

Kathy Willis

Mark Kruse

Donna Friesner

Michelle Nieman

Heather Smith-LaPoint

Tony Bassett

Dan Novotny

Joe Rigali

Scott Estep

Kendall Gigax

John Fesh

Sue Brown

Manny Evola

Melissa Evola

Vera Wiskochil

Marcy Jervis

Jeff Studer

Kay Rasmus

Judy Miller

Debbie Milnar

Deborah Schoen-Gedert

Stephen Toon

Brandy Bryan

Tom Smith

Debbie Katich

Molly McHugh Branyan

Melissa Utterback

Tom Lindsley


Most Listings Taken: Rick Prokup — 153

Most Closed Buy Sides: Kathy Willis — 94

Most Outgoing Referrals: Julie Jewell & Judy Stone

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This was certainly a meeting for the books! Congratulations to all of our agents recognized for an unbelievable business year. We’re very proud to say that Danberry’s total sales volume for 2017 was over $659 million and we had 4,025 sale sides (as reported by NORIS & MCAR). This makes us the top brokerage in the area for the last year. We look forward to the exciting changes to come and know that 2018 will be another successful year for our company!

Written: Jan 29, 2018

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Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn is a content specialist for Home Sweet Toledo and the Social Media Strategist for Danberry Realtors. She is also an Ohio licensed Real Estate Agent with Danberry.