Custom Gifts Your Valentine Will Love

Candles with a Personal Message | Made by Hello You Candle Greetings |

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First of all, everybody loves candles. But these are extra special because you can customize them to include your own heartfelt message to the recipient! There’s so many different styles/scents to choose from.. including the brilliant and touching “state scented” candles that are a great gift for the friend/significant other in your life that may be feeling a little home sick!


Home is Wherever I’m With You Wall Art | Made by Atomic Ink |

This one is especially cute for the couple who just recently moved in together or became homeowners! Using a vintage map, the artwork is shaped in the design of a house, heart, people, or even pets. Include your address, coordinates, names, and/or dates for the perfect memento of a place you both hold dear.


Engraved Watches | Made by Next Level Engraving |

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These wooden watches put a unique spin on the go-to men’s gift! They come in a variety of styles and wood choices, and the back is engraved with a loving message. This watch is sure to become a favorite  wardrobe staple for your guy, and a lovely reminder that you’ve always got their six.


Cute & Simple Keychain for the Low-key Couple | Made by the2911plan |


Not only adorable, but also affordable! No matter where your loved one goes, they’ll always have a token of your appreciation with them. This keychain is the perfect, simple present for the angler who reeled you in this V-day!


Monogramed Marble Cutting Board | Made by Team Sennett |

The cook in your life will love this custom item. Ditch the boring, plain cutting boards and get them one that’s so beautiful it doubles as trendy kitchen decor. The added touch of their initials is sure to make this gift one of your chef’s most treasured tools.


Hand Etched Slate Plaque | Made by Sassy Squirrel Ink |

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Whether you choose to etch it with song lyrics, wedding vows, or a meaningful quote/passage, you’ll definitely get a standing ovation this Valentine’s Day by giving an extra personal gift like this one.


Initial Stacking Rings | Made by BlushesAndGold |

These dainty stacking rings are perfect for moms! They’re small enough that they won’t get in the way of hands-on daily activities, and there’s plenty of room to wear multiple initials. And don’t forget the pet moms, too! Rings with paw prints are also available on the BlushesAndGold shop.


Custom Cards with Your Time Together | Made by FotoCreationsByM |


Not only can you express how much you love your significant other with this card, but it also gives them a full break down on just how long you’ve loved them! Don’t wait until the day-of to run out and get them a generic card this year, give them one that will have them remembering just how special the last 43,824 hours spent together have been.


Customized Aging Barrel | Found on Amazon |

If your partner’s a fan of fine liquor, this engraved whiskey barrel will set the bar high for the year’s gift-giving. You can truly never have too many bar items, and this gift is as functional as it is decorative.


Personalized Jewelry | Made by GLDN |

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These eloquently crafted pieces are perfect for the girl who isn’t overly flashy in her jewelry choices. They’re simple enough for everyday wear, and the bonus of an important date/name/message is sure to make this one of her favorite items.


Monogramed Cufflinks | Made by ZaNaDesignEtsy |


Planning a grand night? Make this Valentine’s a black tie affair with these classy monogramed cufflinks.


Picture Coasters | Found on Amazon |

Have no fear, last minute shoppers on a budget! These coasters with slots to add your personal photos can be found on Amazon and sent to you with Prime’s two day shipping. A set of 4 will only put you back $12. So even on a tight budget, you can make every dining/coffee table experience a wonderful trip down memory lane!




Written: Feb 5, 2018

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