National Salesperson Day – Top Tips from the Pros

Take it from a pro! These top agents put their all into sales each and everyday. Here’s what they’ve learned over the years on how to make it in the industry:



Kathy Willis

“My top tip is to always be nice. You can be a great negotiator and represent your client well, while still being nice and respectful to all parties. It goes a long way.”



Mark Kruse

“To be truly successful and live a well-balanced life, you must schedule and prioritize your family’s activities as if it were a business appointment. Especially your children’s. That way, you won’t have to miss the greatest moments of your life. In regards to handling objections, a former IBM manager once taught me to take ‘no’ as a ‘maybe.’ “



Heather Smith-LaPoint (On listing appointments)

“I remind myself on the car ride over that as soon as the seller opens the door, the clock starts ticking. Wear a smile; it’s disarming. Pay lots of compliments.. even when you have to stretch to find something (‘I love this pink tile! It reminds me of when quality homes were built with integrity.’) Make a personal connection. Look around the house and you’ll find something you have in common with the clients. Express your enthusiasm while going through the house (‘This closet is amazing! Buyers are going to love the size of this basement!’) When having to point out a negative, try offering a positive to go with it. Convey to the seller what a privilege it will be to work with them. And lastly, make sure to leave them with no doubt whatsoever that if you list their home, you will do whatever it takes to get it sold.”



Dan Novotny

“Follow up and if you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it. Always kick the ball the same! Give your family and friends the same presentations, same follow up, and same service. That way they know what kind of service you offer when they refer you.”


It’s not easy to make a career in sales, and real estate is particularly learn-as-you-go. We’re so grateful for the professionalism and dedication of our agents! Happy Salesperson Day!

Written: Mar 2, 2018

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Jordyn Windnagle

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