Trends in New Construction

The number of new construction homes under contract in NW Ohio jumped 35% this March from the month prior. On the one hand, we’re deep into the spring market now and nothing is sitting for long. But on the other, the previous few months had shown drops in the purchase of new construction homes across the US. Consumers were leaning more heavily towards existing real estate than in the year prior.

With new home purchases suddenly skyrocketing, we’re beginning to see a new set of trends emerge.



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Victorian and Farmhouse styles are everything right now. So it’s no surprise that people are leaning towards copper and bronze antique-looking light fixtures. These items add a regal, rustic look to any house and pair excellently with wood accents.



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White and stainless sinks may be on the outs. New construction trends are learning towards copper, stone, and cement for their sinks. These materials tend to show less mess, making the clean up less grueling. So we’re all for this one!




I don’t think satin and nickel are technically getting “the boot” since they’re the easiest low-key hardware option. Making gold look chic, and not dated, can be hard if you’re not a seasoned decorator. But oil rubbed bronze is the favorite of the year. Playing on the current antique craze, oil rubbed bronze also matches everything since it’s so dark. Plus, like the new sink trends, it hides grime a little better.




If you participated in this year’s Toledo Parade of Homes, than you may have noticed that nearly every house had one Jack and Jill bathroom. With a huge portion of today’s buyers being Millenials who either already have families, or will soon be starting one, it’s likely this is the reason Jack and Jills are so popular once again. Giving kids their own bathroom, accessible only from their rooms, is a great way to keep the visibility of mess low. The private setup also provides a more homey feel in a guest room.



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Beige is back, people! It was never frowned upon, per se. But buyers have definitely be leaning towards grey over the last couple years and pairing it with more contemporary looks. It appears now that many buyers are growing tired of living in an overly grey world. Tan neutrals provide a refreshingly light atmosphere, in comparison.


If you were building your dream home, which of these trends would be on your must-have list? Tell us below in the comments!

Written: Apr 9, 2018

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Jordyn Windnagle

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