The 11 Best Local Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Shops


Mr. Freeze’s – Toledo and Perrysburg

  • 627 W South Boundary St, Perrysburg, Ohio & 2031 N McCord Rd, Toledo, OH 43615
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet friendly

Mr. Freeze’s opening day is the unofficial sign of summer for locals. Known for their wide variety of concoctions, you are sure to find something you love here. Be prepared to wait in line, especially on nice days, as this is a local favorite. But once you get your sweet slushy, banana split, or classic candy flurry, you will understand why Mr. Freeze is definitely worth the wait.


Mr. G’s Barn

  • 6756 Hill Ave. Toledo, OH
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

Recently ranked in Ohio Explored’s Top 20 Ice Cream Shops, Mr. G’s Barn is an unforgettable treat. You can’t miss the large, brown barn on the corner or the crowd waiting to taste their delicious ice cream. Known for their Smurf ice cream and tall ice cream swirls, Mr. G’s has a wide variety of slushies, twists, mix-ins, sandwiches and hot dogs that will keep you coming back for more. In a hurry or have kids in the car? No problem! Mr. G’s has a convenient drive-thru.


Photo Courtesy of Lola’s Management

Lola’s – Perrysburg, Toledo, & Bowling Green

  • Open Year Round

Craving a concoction of frozen yogurt and all different toppings? Stop by either of the three Lola’s locations. Start with your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt and then pick as many toppings as you’d like and enjoy! Customer-focused employees are there to help you make sure your dessert is everything you’d hope. If frozen yogurt isn’t your thing, Lola’s also has a selection of bubble teas to make sure everyone leaves feeling refreshed.


Koala Berry

  • 6710 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH
  • Open Year Round

With hundreds of flavor combinations, you can continue to try something new with every visit to Koala Berry. Start your frozen treat journey at Koala Berry by choosing your flavor of Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream then make your way to the topping section of fresh fruit, dry toppings, and syrup toppings… the possibilities are endless! Koala Berry is great idea anytime in the year!


Photo Credit: Jacky’s Depot

Jacky’s Depot

  • 130 W. Dudley, Maumee, OH
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

Jacky’s Depot has become Northwest Ohio’s go-to place for homemade, gourmet ice cream. The Depot’s founder, Jacky, created all of the ice cream recipes from scratch using the finest ingredients available and slowly built up a catalog of over 50 unique flavors. Jacky’s Depot continuously creates delicious, homemade ice cream in-house, adding a couple new flavors to the mix and serving it all with a smile! In addition, you can also order Fresh Pops, gourmet ice pops made with fresh fruit and organic cane sugar. There is nothing artificial and no preservatives in them. All of the whole fruit pops are fat free and under 100 calories. They are also vegan and gluten free!


Lickity Split

  • 2021 Glendale Ave Toledo, OH
  • Open Year Round  |  Pet Friendly

Lickity Split is a must-have in South Toledo, and they’re open throughout the whole year. Craving ice cream and soup? Lickity Split can satisfy both of those cravings with Grandma’s Homemade Soups and flavorful ice cream selections. Continuing to come up with new flavors and ideas, Lickity Split recently added their Waffle Nachos to the list. With an outside of waffle cone chips, scoops of ice cream inside and topped with strawberries and other sundae goodness, this is sure to be a crowd favorite.


Photo Credit: Keli Dubaway


  • 2425 Key St. Toledo, OH
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

Where can you get a funnel cake with your ice cream? Shiver’s is the place to go! This menu has both dinner and dessert covered with over 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream, delectable shakes, and fruit smoothies! With the focus on their customers, they even offer a peanut allergy free ice cream machine to make sure that everyone can enjoy!



  • 6 Toledo Area locations
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

With the bright orange and white awning, it’s easy to spot these Toledo area traditional restaurants. Since 1978 Netty’s has been serving up their famous chili dogs, thirst quenching root beer floats, and delicious ice cream. With numerous locations throughout the area and a walk up and drive thru service, this ice cream shop is a must visit!



  • 6600 Sylvania Ave (In Saxon Square) Sylvania, OH
  • Open Year Round  |  Pet Friendly

Known as the place to go with the team, Charlie’s has been scooping up homemade ice cream, hamburgers, homemade soups and more since the ice cream store and restaurant opened in 1984 at Saxon Square. Charlie’s is a cozy, friendly place where the staff get to know you by name. Enjoy your hamburger, salad, and soups inside or on new outdoor patio, but make sure to save room for dessert!



General’s Ice Cream

  • 6751 Providence St., Whitehouse, OH
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

General’s Ice Cream is a community-oriented shop that everyone in the area will fall in love with. Located in downtown Whitehouse, General’s is a great place to take a break on the bike trail, enjoy the downtown festivities, and run into people you know. General’s wide selection of delightful soft serve, hard serve, and dole whip ice cream with great customer service will keep you coming back for more.


Scoop’s Soft Serves

  • 8750 Lewis Ave., Temperace, MI
  • Open Seasonally  |  Pet Friendly

With wonderful customer service and ice cream, drive thru or walk up to Scoop’s. A great gathering spot for Michiganders and anyone nearby, Scoop’s has a wide selection of delicious ice cream, dole, shakes, and so much more. The size will not disappoint, so make sure to come hungry!


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Written: Jul 2, 2018

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