In Celebration of National Book Lovers Day | Danberry’s Annual Book Drive

Today’s a special day for all the proud bibliophiles! August 9th is celebrated annually as National Book Lovers Day. Here at Danberry, we emphasize the importance of books year round by collecting children’s books to donate to Mosaic Ministries and their Baby University program.


This year, we were able to give 1,800 books to this wonderful organization and we’ve donated a total of 4,300 since 2016. The mission of Mosaic Ministries is to aid in high quality education for children in our area and better ensure the chance of a college education. According to their history:

“Recognizing that by the time they begin formal schooling, children in low-income families already lag significantly behind middle class peers academically, socially and physically, [Mosaic Ministries] establishes Baby University, the first step in developing a cradle to career pipeline for South Toledo.” – We Are Mosaic, Our Story



In addition to children’s education, Baby University also has classes and mentorships for pregnant and new parents that teach nutrition, parenting strategies, and life skills. For more information on how to donate to Mosaic Ministries, visit their website.

The Danberry Westgate office, located at 3242 Executive Parkway, accepts year round donations for our annual drop off. We’re so proud of our partnerships with many organizations that benefit the Toledo area and we believe that the greatest ways to improve our community is by educating and giving back to the youth.

Not only do higher reading levels correlate with overall school success among students, but good readers become good citizens. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, proficient readers are more than twice as likely as below-level readers to volunteer or do charity work. Literary readers are also 3 times as likely as non-readers to participate in civic and cultural events, such as visiting museums, attending plays and sporting events, or participating in outdoor activities.

So while you’re partaking in the joy of reading today, don’t forget to share your love of books with the children in your life. Have a studious Book Lovers Day!

Written: Aug 9, 2018

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Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn Windnagle

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