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Ghost hunters, rejoice! If you live in the Toledo area, it should excite you to know that Toledo has been ranked amongst the most haunted cities in America in the last few years. In 2016, we were ranked #4 most haunted based on factors such as vacancy and average age of homes.

Anyone familiar with the city has likely driven through The Old West End, the South End, or many of the historic downtown districts of Toledo and its suburbs and noticed the awe-inspiring pre 1930s architecture. Not only are these Gothic inspired buildings and Victorian homes beautiful, but many are believed to be truly haunted.

Get your ghost hunting gear (and your bravery) ready and check out these popular haunted spots!


The Collingwood Arts Center

2413 Collingwood Boulevard Toledo, Ohio 43620

This historical site is the former convent for the Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart and later became the Mary Manse College. Designed by Toledo architect Edward Oscar Fallis, the structure was completed in 1905. It is allegedly haunted by the ghosts of former nuns, victims of the Typhoid epidemic, and spirits that were conjured by occultists.

Since 1985, the Collingwood Arts Center has served as a hub for community creativity. The theater is used as a performance center for many local and national theatre groups and musicians. They also rent out studio and gallery space, and partner with many local organizations to continue growing the artistic outreach within the area.

The Collingwood Arts Center hosts ghost tours, paranormal events, and haunted houses during the fall months. So make sure to check out their facebook page for upcoming happenings.


Fort Meigs

29100 W. River Rd. Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

Fort Meigs was built during the War of 1812 to fortify the region from British attacks. The overall American loss during the sieges are tallied at 160 killed, 190 wounded, 630 prisoners (100 wounded prisoners), and 6 missing soldiers: 986 in all. So it’s no wonder that the grounds have an eerie aura due to the massive scale of loss.

The fort was torn down after the second siege and rebuilt as a supply depot, and has since been rebuilt multiple times. It’s now used for reenactments and educational purposes to teach of its history.

During October, Fort Meigs embraces its spookier side with their annual Garrison Ghost Walks. During these tours, guests stroll the grounds with a guide and gather around a bonfire to hear of the ghostly tales.


The Wolcott House

1035 River Rd. Maumee, Ohio 43537

This iconic Maumee museum was originally built by prosperous businessman James Wolcott and his wife, Mary Wells. Construction began in 1827 and the original log cabin eventually transformed into a 14-room Federal-style mansion. Today, the Hull-Wolcott House is operated by the Maumee Valley Historical Society as part of the Wolcott House Museum Complex. The land houses several other historical structures and the goal of the museum is to educate the public on the history of the Maumee Valley.

The Wolcott House has hosted paranormal tours and investigations throughout the years and is said to have very active spirits. Past event coordinators, paranormal investigators, and guests have had strange occurrences, such as doors opening on their own, seeing mysterious orbs of light, and feeling as though someone was chasing them while inside. With so much history on one plot of land, the premises certainly have a haunting atmosphere.


The Oliver House

27 Broadway St. Toledo, Ohio 43604


Designed by renowned architect Isaiah Rogers, The Oliver House was the original first class hotel in Toledo. It opened its doors in 1859 and boasted 171 of the finest luxury rooms that any guest had seen during that time. Unfortunately, by 1894, many newer hotels had moved into the area and the location of the Oliver House had begun transforming into a manufacturing neighborhood. During the 1900s, the once regal Oliver House was gutted and turned into an industrial plant.

After a few change of hands, it has since been tastefully renovated and reemerged again as a place for social activity. It is now the home of many Toledo staples: Maumee Bay Brewing Co., Maumee Bay Brew Pub, Rockwell’s Steakhouse, Rockwell’s Lounge, The Cafe, and Mutz Sports Bar.

But the closing of the original hotel isn’t the only misfortune that has occured within the Oliver House’s walls; it also served as a medical center during the Spanish-American war. This history has led many to believe that the building is haunted and many guests have reported ghost sightings throughout the years. According to their website, the most commonly seen spirit is that of the “The Captain” who appears as a soldier in full uniform.

This is the 6th year that the Maumee Bay Brewing Co. will be holding their Haunted Brew Tours. The spooky tour is beloved by many in the area, and unfortunately tickets always sell out fast! Currently, they’re full this season, so make sure to plan ahead for next year and follow the Maumee Bay Brewing Co.’s facebook page.


Nazareth Hall

21211 W. River Rd., Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522

Many know of Nazareth Hall’s beauty as a popular local wedding venue. But long before its transformation into an event hall, the 1927 built structure housed an all-boys Catholic boarding school. The Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart purchased the 400 acres of land and began constructing the Romanesque Revival building, with the grand opening taking place in 1928. From that time until 1982, it remained in use as a boarding school and had 4,300 students over the years. After the school was shut down, it laid vacant for nearly a decade. In 1991, the Bettinger family purchased the property and turned it into the Nazareth Hall that we know and swoon over today.

Rumors of a cloaked figure on the very top floor have circulated and others claim to have spotted the ghosts of former nuns. If the tales of Nazareth Hall and the Collingwood Arts Center are to be believed, than the Ursuline Sisters are very active in the afterlife!


South Main Elementary School

437 S. Main St. Bowling Green, Ohio

south-main-3 south-main-1

Built in 1890, BG’s South Main Elementary is the district’s oldest building and one of the oldest standing schools in Wood County. Due to low enrollment and physical condition, the school was closed in 2005. After shutting down, the property served as a community arts center until 2013. It then sat vacant until 2017, at which time the Fringe Paranormal group obtained rights to the building. The paranormal investigation team is keeping the spirit of the old South Main building alive with regular public ghost hunts.

The property has a long history of hauntings. Among the claims are occurrences of random thuds, sounds of piano music coming from the school’s gym, footsteps, disembodied voices, and shadowy figures lurking within the building.

The South Main building is scheduled as the final field trip for the Owens Community College Ghost Hunting 101 class, and it’s set to serve as a backdrop for the upcoming film “The Legend of Holcomb Road,” a locally made movie/documentary which premieres at the Maumee Indoor Theater on October 12th.

Make sure to follow the Haunted South Main School facebook page to stay up-to-date on public events!


Did we leave out your favorite local haunt? Leave us a comment below with your terrifying Toledo story!

Written: Sep 28, 2018

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