Danberry Realtors’ 57th Annual Business Meeting

On January 31, Danberry’s 57th Annual Business meeting was as a company to celebrate all of the accomplishments Danberry and their agents achieved in 2018.

Danberry President and CEO, Lynn Fruth kicked off the meeting by referring to the Danberry Mission Statement and highlighting how each Danberry agent and employee truly lives by the mission and the culture it creates. By adhering to the positive attributes outlined in the mission statement, Danberry separates itself from its competition, creating value in the workplace.


As the top real estate company in the area, Danberry continues to grow its business and strives to better serve the community. With this in mind, Danberry opened new offices in Bowling Green and Findlay, capitalizing on great locations and thriving markets. With Bowling Green as her home and passion, Joann Amos was a natural fit as manager for that new Danberry location. The Bowling Green Team continues to grow as does their market share.



In today’s fast-paced world, people want to be a part of something bigger, something that is about more than just themselves. This idea is mirrored in Danberry’s culture and it is that very trait that led to the establishment of our Findlay office. Char Simons, the managing broker in our Findlay office, is a top real estate agent in the area and one that is committed to her community and giving back. We look forward to continuing our expansion into the Wood County and Hancock County markets this year!


What’s new for 2019:

While most companies are setting sales goals, agent count goals or income goals, Danberry is driven to create something bigger and bolder. For 2019, Danberry will publicly commit to three strategic mission goals.


  1. As a company, give back 8,000 hours of community service by May 31, 2019.
  2. Raise $175,000 for the Danberry Treasure Chest
  3. 100% giving for the Company Contribution Program


By committing to the above, Danberry will continue the upward trend toward being one of the top real estate companies, not only in Ohio and Michigan, but in the country.



One of the many draws of the meeting is the announcement of those agents who have achieved Presidential Club status, Danberry’s Top 30 volume-producing agents. It’s a friendly competition and, with everyone on the edge of their seats, the recognition of the winners as well as additional 2018 awards begins. The following awards were given and top 30 producers recognized:


President’s Club Members:


#30 Kay Rasmus


#29 Cyndi Schraw


#28 John Fesh


#27 Tom Smith


#26 Jordyn Windnagle


#25 Melissa Utterback


#24 Sue Brown


#23 Kristie Feeback


#22 Melissa Evola


#21 Deborah Schoen-Gedert


#20 Debbie Lin Katich


#19 Marcy Jervis


#18 Judy Miller


#17 Vera Wiskochil


#16 Jeff Studer


#15 Manny Evola


#14 Tony Bassett


#13 Kendall Gigax


#12 Rachel Latta


#11 Dan Novotny


#10 Stephen Toon


#9 Joe Rigali


#8 Scott Estep


#7 Michelle Nieman


#6 Donna Friesner


#5 Heather Smith-LaPoint


#4 Mark Kruse


#3 Kathy Willis


#2 Victoria Valle


#1 Rick Prokup


Most Listings Taken: Rick Prokup – 137 Listings


Most Closed Buy Sides: Kathy Willis – 90 Units


Most Outgoing Referrals Sent: Shawna Overman


Most Outgoing Referrals Closed: Tracy Brownell

Danberry has a vision and clear path to consistently move forward for both itself and those individuals affiliated with the company. After such a successful 2018, this path is definitely being pursued thanks to our amazing agents and staff. We’re very proud to say that Danberry’s total sales volume grew from over $658 million in 2017, to $736 million in 2018. That’s a $78 million dollar increase, in just one year! Danberry again secures its spot as the top brokerage in the area for another year. We look forward to the exciting new changes that await, and to another most successful year for our company in 2019!

Written: Feb 18, 2019

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Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn is a content specialist for Home Sweet Toledo and the Social Media Strategist for Danberry Realtors. She is also an Ohio licensed Real Estate Agent with Danberry.