Danberry Bed Build

There’s nothing better than crawling into a warm bed under a fresh set of sheets, laying your head down and getting ready to drift off for a good night’s rest.  It probably never crossed your mind that there are hundreds of kids, right here in the Northwest Ohio area, that don’t have a bed to call their own. The founders of Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) have recognized this need and started building beds one-by-one with the goal of helping children in over 41 states across the nation.

On Saturday May 18th, Danberry hosted its first bed building event.  Lack of sleep greatly impacts the overall well-being of a child, especially when it comes to growth and learning.  SHP believes that all children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their head at night, which is why their group of dedicated volunteers specializes in building high-quality bunk beds.

During the event, we had 78 Danberry agents and their families come together to build 30 beds in a record two-hour time frame.  The Danberry team members were honored to give dozens of children in the community a safe, comfortable place to rest their head at night.  The agents and family members liked it so much that our management team is already in the process of planning our next bed build. Please stay tuned to find out how you can help children in our local area!

Written: May 21, 2019

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Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn Windnagle

Jordyn is a content specialist for Home Sweet Toledo and the Social Media Strategist for Danberry Realtors. She is also an Ohio licensed Real Estate Agent with Danberry.