What Moms Really Want This Mother’s Day

As a mom of three, I want to have a real talk to everyone regarding Mother’s Day. Moms love their kids more than anything, and although crafty art projects are fun to receive, our basement is already full of masterpieces. Store bought gifts can be nice, but it can be hard to find something your mom actually wants and doesn’t already have. For Mother’s Day this year, let’s think practical ... moms want time to relax, time without arguing, and time to ourselves. Check out the suggestions below to really make this Mother’s Day a day for her, and maybe slide in to that favorite child spot.



Time at the Spa

Being a mom is a stressful job in which we pour all we have in our kids, leaving not much left for ourselves. Let your mom relax with a trip to the spa, schedule a massage, send her to get a manicure or pedicure or let her get her hair done in peace. For a more budget-friendly option, get her some bath bombs, a bottle of wine and let her take a long bath or set up an at-home nail salon or paint her nails while she watches her favorite TV show.

Looking for a good spa? Try Ahava Spa and Wellness Center for a wide variety of treatments all moms are sure to enjoy.



A Clean House

Want the inside scoop at something all moms dream about … a clean house! You can hire a company, like Molly Maid, and have them come do a deep clean, or grab the rubber gloves and divvy up the duties between kids. If we woke up or came home and didn’t have to vacuum, dust, mop, and clean the bathrooms, we would be one happy momma!



Breakfast in Bed

Coffee coffee coffee! A mom’s morning always starts with coffee for the energy they need to tackle the day. Bring them a cup of coffee and their favorite morning meal in bed, then head back to the kitchen. Breakfast in bed is our favorite, but you’ll get extra points added to the big gesture if the dishes are done and kitchen is cleaned up.




Every girl likes chocolate and moms are no exception. Stop into Findlay’s famous Dietsch’s Brothers for some fine chocolate that will guarantee you become mom’s favorite. Their chocolate-covered pretzels are a hit in my family or choose a different delectable dessert from their wide selection.




The smell and bright colors of fresh flowers puts every mom into a good mood. Extra points if you can get her favorite flower or color (ask your dad … maybe he knows!). Schramm’s Flowers has a wide selection of beautiful blooming bouquets, intricate and unique floral arrangements and boutique gifts to go along with the flowers. If your mom has a green thumb, try some vegetables, fruits, or seeds that she can plant and watch grow. Then, with each bloom or harvest, your mom will be reminded of you.




Mommy’s juice is always a safe bet for a gift. Whether you buy her a bottle (if you are old enough) from Mancy’s Wine Shop, take her to Basil Pizza & Wine Bar to have her pick her own bottle with a delicious dinner from their wide selection, or even just pour her a glass of her favorite, she will be one happy momma!




As a mom, we give everything we have all day long to our families. Time is of utmost importance, so give her back some of that precious time. Schedule a couple hours to spend some quality one-on-one with her, gift her a well-deserved morning of sleeping in, or just provide the time for her to do something for herself.


No matter what you get your mom this Mother’s Day, make sure to say thank you for all the amazing things she has done and continues to do for you. It’s important to remember the countless hours they have spent helping us and the support they continue to provide us.

Written: May 9, 2019

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