BBQ on the Go | 5 Barbecue Food Trucks to Try This Summer

There are so many delicious food trucks in our area, and nothing hits the spot quite as well as barbecue during the summer months. Whether you want to try something new or return to an old favorite, here are the mobile meals you should look out for this summer:

Jimmy G’s BBQ

Jimmy G’s Pit Smoked Barbeque, based out of Fremont, Ohio, began as a way to build the community. It started out with fundraisers for local nonprofits and through word of mouth they moved to catering, farmer’s markets and, of course, their popular food truck. Jimmy G’s certainly knows good barbecue. All of their meat marinates for 24 hours before being smoked over real hardwood for 6-12 hours. Keep up with their summer whereabouts here.

Photos courtesy of Jimmy G’s Barbeque


Country Lane BBQ

With unanimous 5 star reviews, it’s no wonder that Country Lane BBQ has been a local favorite for the last 6 years. They recently won the Judge’s Choice award at this year’s Antwerp Rib Off. Country Lane BBQ frequents the BG Farmer’s Market and Waterville food trucks. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for their schedule.


Deet’s BBQ

Deet’s is a family owned and operated restaurant that opened in 2010. Since then, they’ve won 4 “People’s Choice” awards at the NWO Rib Off, along with many other accomplishments. Find out where to satisfy your Deet’s craving here.

Photos Courtesy of Deet’s BBQ


We Be Ribs

We Be Ribs has been a staple in the community since 1993. They can often be spotted at Mud Hens or Walleye games, and their usual hangout is the corner of Alexis and Jackman. We Be Ribs also offers full catering services and pig roasts. View their page for more info.


Lake Erie BBQ

Lake Erie BBQ is all about using the best of NW Ohio to provide great barbecue. Their meats are cooked over wood from the forests surrounding Maumee Bay State Park and they specialize in fried perch, Lake Erie smelt and walleye. Follow their page to plan your next meal!

Photos courtesy of Lake Erie BBQ


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Written: Jun 24, 2019

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