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Click the link or scan the QR code to download and try for free today!

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Download the Danberry Realtors app and discover a variety of different search options and filters, making it easier than ever to search for homes on-the-go in a variety of areas servicing Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  

What sets us apart:

Augmented Reality: 
By using your smartphone’s camera simply hold up your device and explore the surrounding area. Objects you look at will be overlaid on the camera’s display offering additional interactive content and information.

In addition to the interactive search functionality, the app also syncs to your account with Danberry, ensuring saved data is accessible on your mobile device as well as your Danberry’s website.

Map Based Search: 
Navigate to the area of the map where you're looking for homes and see it filled with available properties!

Journey Search: 
Journey Search allows you to view properties within close proximity of your current location while you’re on-the-go! This search will continue to update available properties as you travel.

Perimeter Search: 
Through the Perimeter Search feature, using only your finger you can draw boundaries on the map view, showing available homes within the drawn area.

Scope Search: 
Using the phone’s built in camera and an augmented reality engine, Scope Search displays property around you by simply pointing your phone in the direction of the property.


Click the link or scan the QR code to download and try for free today!

iPhone/iOS Android



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