Ready? Set? Go!

If a fresh start or new career is what you need, you've arrived! Real Estate provides you with the ability to work in a field that is flexible, growing and always providing new opportunities. The in and outs can seem overwhelming, but with Danberry's experienced leadership team, knowledgeable staff and our fully equipped brick and mortar locations, the transition will be seamless. Now that you are considering Agent life, let's talk about the "how".


Getting Licensed

The process of getting your license is not as daunting as one would think. Let's break it down:

  1. Meet with Danberry to get sponsored ($450 in savings)
  2. Register for your class
  3. Complete your required education consisting of, Real Estate Principals and Practices, Ohio Real Estate Law, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance
  4. Submit your application to the state
  5. Schedule your test
  6. Pass and you are licensed!


Choosing A Brokerage

To ensure your future in Real Estate, you want to choose the brokerage that is right for you. A place where your growing business can flourish and a team to help you get there. Danberry is built on a foundation to fuel you faster than ever towards that very goal! Multiple management members are present at every Danberry office to guide you to the path of success along with a winning support staff, one on one training opportunities and the latest and greatest in marketing through the Danberry Design House. Look no further, you're home. 


Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I have a full time job and still be a licensed Realtor?

Yes! Often times hopeful Realtors become licensed when they have a full time job, family and other obligations. It is common to start off as a part-time Realtor and transition into becoming a full-time Realtor at ones own pace. This is another area where Danberry's Leadership team and staff really shine, we are here to assist.

2. How many offices does Danberry have and what are there locations?

Find a full list of locations here. Not only do we have 6 brick and mortar locations but we are also able to boast a Commercial Division and Auction Department.

3. What training is available to me if I choose Danberry?

We provide Continuing Education and new agent training instructors and trainers that guide you through everything you will need to thrive for both Michigan and Ohio licensees. 

4. What is your typical commission split?

This is a great question! Make an appointment with any management member today and they will go over any questions that you should have, in detail. 


Exclusive Alternative Options

Have your license but don't want to actively sell? We have a program that provides you with the flexibility you are looking for. RRAI, Realty Referral Associates, Inc. is designed for licensees who want to maintain their license(s) in an active status, but plan to scale back their active practice. As an RRAI agent you also have the option to work with buyers if you so choose.