What people are saying about Danberry

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Dan was very helpful and patient with my husband and I. We took our time and looked at 12-15 houses and finally found the house that was right for us.

—Tara Cline

Dan was very prompt with his response to any questions I had. Overall I was very happy!

—Shelly Baldwin

In May of 2010, I noticed a house that went on the market and sold within 3 weeks by realtor Donna Friesner! I was amazed, especially since the economy was still in recovery and the house was within a block of my Mom’s house. My 79 year old mother was seriously considering putting her home on the market so I suggested we call the realtor that had just sold the house right around the corner in such a short time! I called Donna and she came to her home, sat with us, patiently listened to Mom’s concerns about being on a fixed income and making a move without knowing how quickly it could all happen. Mom’s greatest concern was her fixed income status and her fear of how she might end up paying on 2 places at once for an extended period. How would she ever be able do that? Donna brought a level of professionalism, patience and expertise to our very first meeting that put my Mom at total ease and Mom made the decision to move forward and the house sold within 90 days! We were so thrilled with the results and the seamless process Donna brought to the experience. I would most certainly recommend Donna and her expertise to anyone and continue to share her name with friends and family members. I’ve never met anyone that has the ability to get these kinds of results in such a challenging economy like Donna. Thank you so much Donna!

—Kathy Gries & Mildred Montgomery

Although we first thought we could go through this alone, there's so much more to buying a house than looking at listings online. We would have never been able to see nearly 60 houses and spend 5 weekends searching if not for John. His help, knowledge, and advice made gave us peace of mind and hope. He stayed on top of things and was very flexible, very patient, and very prompt. 

—Matt and Erika
Photo of Matt and Erika John Hilyard realtor

Thank you for all of your help and patience! The house is beautiful and we just love it!