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  Michael Elsman Click to drag this recommendation Owner / Fusion Staffing Partners Debbie was instrumental in helping my wife and I find our first home and walked us through the process as first time home buyers. She made the process less stressful and offered accurate advice. I would recommend using her in your search for a property in Northern NJ. December 1, 2010, Michael was a consultant or contractor to Debbie at Coldwell Banker

—Michael Elsman~ Owner Fusion Staffing Partners

Cheryl L. Wickham, Esq. Click to drag this recommendation Attorney focused on helping entrepreneurs and creators of all types. Debbie helped me and my husband find our first home. She really listened to what we wanted, and could afford, and patiently showed us many nice places. Ultimately, she helped us find the perfect home and we are very happy here. If we ever decide to move and need to find another home, I would work with Debbie again in a heartbeat.

—Cheryl Wickham ~ Attorney

Steven Weber Click to drag this recommendation Consultant Debbie Longenecker made our moves happen; twice. She helped us find a great starter home in the frenzied 2005 market and did an even better job helping us find our dream house.. In each case, she helped us narrow down what we were looking for and was as patient as we needed while we searched. When we found the house we had to have, but needed to make an offer contingent on selling our existing home, Debbie cracked the whip and helped us get our house on the market in 10 days. She helped us price it perfectly and we had sold it with multiple bids after another 10 days.  She remains a great friend and helped us find good contractors; and even the nanny we have had for more than five years!  Hire her and you will get her personal attention.

"Confident, capable, knowledgeable through, Christian-based personality. Always communicates through feedback and information in a timely manner. Very dependable. When you said you would do something, it was. Up front with everything. You were always available for questions and answers!"

—Christopher and Shirley Smith

"Very effective communication skills. You always answered all questions and made everything very clear. I would recommend you to others, you are very knowledgeable of the Toledo and other surrounding areas. You always answered our questions and got back to us in a timely fashion."

— Robert Radl and Heidi Muotka